Sunday, September 6, 2020

Planning a New V&V / Mighty Protectors Campaign : The Dawn of a New Era, or Finally Burying the Past with Respect


Please forgive me my poor man's attempt at waxing poetic.

I had a realization last night, It may seem obvious to those of you reading these articles, but it wasn't so obvious to me. I have an unhealthy amount of nostalgia for the superhero campaigns of my past. Those campaigns were so entertaining and memorable they had me in an iron grip. As long as I was held in bondage by those memories I was not able to truly move on and make new and potentially better campaigns with all of the experience, and knowledge I've accumulated since they ended.

So the time has come to box up all the miscellaneous materials from the old days, and start fresh, to face the future with new and hopeful eyes full of wonder and excitement about a genre I love. To boldly face my fear that my best GMing days are behind me. To realize that I haven't even truly started to truly GM yet.

So now all the old NPC's are to be put away for good (literally). They will now live on only as stories of pleasant times that I shared with friends, no longer will they haunt me. No more will I waste time trying to recapture the past. 

From here on in I'm in terra Incognita, the undiscovered country that lays beyond the setting sun of the old campaigns moving towards the promise of a new dawn. It's time to step forward and see what Might Protectors & Vile Villains I might discover.

I cannot think of a better way to do this than to adopt and accept Villains & Vigilantes 3.0 : the Mighty Protectors as the worth successor and fresh start it is designed to be, all the while respecting its roots but not being hamstrung by them.

Again, Thanks for reading.

Erik a.k.a. Midnight

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