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Thursday, March 30, 2017

On Writing Premiere Issues For your SHRPG Group


Writing adventures for Superhero Role Playing Games pose unique challenges for GM's. It is especially tricky when writing an adventure for the "Premiere issue" of New Campaign, and the player character haven't yet even been created.

This is kind of the challenge I'm facing right now, Seeing as I don't want a long delay between character creation and actual play. This is because in my experience I've found that too long of a delay between these two events will most assuredly kill the initial enthusiasm that is extremely beneficial to start of a fledgling campaign. I have to start writing the Initial adventure pretty much right now.

I think I've picked a potentials group of adversaries, now I need a interesting situation, a motivation for the villains, and a location for it to happen. I once read (I think it was in the Original DC Heroes RPG by Ray Winninger), that a GM should create a time line for her villain’s plans. It should describe how and when the various stages of the villain’s plan go off if the players never get involved. That sounds like very sound advice to me. Of course, the villains will have to modify their plans as the player become involved, they’re not just going to throw their hands up, and give up at the first sign of player / hero involvement. After all, they do want to accomplish their end goal; otherwise why even bother starting the whole enterprise to begin with.

Another hugely important, in my opinion, piece of advice I’ve heard is: Come up with problems for the players /characters to face, not solutions; solving them is the players / heroes job. Coming up with potential solutions, is a complete waste of time tends to make you not see the players devised solutions for the works of genius that they very well could be. Even if every solution they come up with is lame, and couldn’t possibly work let them try, and be fair about the adjudication of the attempt. I guarantee that it will lead to gaming stories that will be retold for years.

Welll to quote W. Pooh Esq. “Think, think, think … oh bother” 

Any, and all, comments and suggestions are welcome

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pleasant Sunday Making Characters

Logan and I are rolling up a Mighty Protectors Character. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. He rolled up a Pakistani national, with emotion control, non-corporeal, telekinesis, regeneration, with prejudice and nemesis. His motivation is dystopian

Needless to say he's a super villain n.p.c :)

Erik a.k.a Midnight

Friday, March 10, 2017

Villains & Vigilantes 3.0: Mighty Protectors is in the House


Well the Guys behind Monkey House Game (Jeff Dee & Jack Herman) Have finally given the kickstarter Backers a pre-release copy (No art  & no Mighty Protectors Universe background chapters) of  the new Villains & Vigilantes 3.0 rules.

You haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face since I downloaded them Friday, Thank you Jeff and Jack!

I'm really Liking what I'm reading!! There are some Significant changes to the Mechanics ( all for the better I'd say, patched a lot of "Holes" in the old rule set) but despite that is still feels very Much Like V&V.

I'm slowly working on a character to try out the Character Creation rules and I'm finding it very customizable, and even though the powers are more clearly defined, it still fell easy to create anything you might need even if its not already in there.

I'm really happy that they decided to release this Preview Copy, I wasn't too happy about possibly waiting till Summer to receive the hardcopies. What can't I say I'm an impatient kinda guy. Never been too good with delayed gratification.

I bought in big to the Kick Starter 2 Hardcovers 3 Softcovers all the Extras ( and as many in print as possible, some just weren't available in a Print versions)

But I'd like take this for a spin soonish!!

Erik a.k.a Midnight