Friday, November 29, 2019

Mighty Protectors: A New Start - A New Era

Lately I've been trying to conquer my gaming ADD. I've got it so bad I could be the poster child for the Telethon

Yes ladies and gentlemen, for only $1 a day you too can fund critical research into Gamer ADD. There are so many deserving gaming groups across the world in great need of a stable and committed Game Master. The problem is that so many potentially wonderful and skilled GM's never get to express that Inner genius, because they have the attention span of a fruit fly; Constantly flitting from one genre or game system to another and never settling down long enough to ....

It's been hard, but I'm sick and tired of wasting my time waffling all over the place concerning genre and system. Since I can't seem to stay away from gaming as a pastime, and Lord knows I've tried, I figured If I'm gonna put all this time and effort in to RPG's I should at least have something to show for those efforts.

So I settled on one of my greatest loves V&V/SHRPGs.

Then there was the question of what edition to use, I have literally decades of experience with Villains & Vigilantes 2.0 / 2.1, but its showing its age a bit, and I believe that he new 3rd Edition of V&V a.k.a. Mighty Protectors is a worthy successor. I also want to support Jeff Dee and Jack Herman of Monkey House Games for all the years of unmitigated joy I've had playing the game they designed.

V&V 2.x has a lot of baggage in my mind, especially the old characters that Percy Hodge and I designed all those years ago. So as a result I'm starting from Scratch with all new characters and N.P.C's. 

I thought I would take advantage of this day off due to American Thanksgiving to create the First N.P.Cs. So here is the first: Americana

Erik a.k.a.Midnight

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